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Dare You To Be Different.
Anonymous: So, why you ain't tell me you like Rihanna as much as I do?? Jk. Let's be friends. We can stalk her together. Nah, but did you see her yesterday?

She been bae since forever lol! And where at yesterday?! 

1 hour ago
Anonymous: Snapchat?

@ohyeahitseli, ADD ME.

1 hour ago

Orientation week.
Anonymous: that scruffy beard and hair, mmmm fuck (; just take to ihop after we finish fucking, and your mine, you got it? fuck a shower i want people to know how good you hit it 😏

LMFAO omg this really has me dying.

1 hour ago
mangodrippin: Love your snapchat stories, love your style, love how you're going to FIT, love your face, you're great!

Thank you so much, much love!!

1 hour ago
Anonymous: Where'd you get your jeans in the picture you just posted omg

Hot topic, but I ripped em myself.

2 hours ago
Fitting room pictures r so poppin.
Anonymous: How big is ya dinga ling ?

come find out.

22 hours ago