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Dare You To Be Different.
Anonymous: ok 100 now show us (:

For those who are wondering what my prom date looks like 😍

6 hours ago
Anonymous: Thoughts on : Shy grls.😳 Haitians.🌴 Froot Loops😊 Awkward. ( the show ) Crazy grls. 😁😁 Nails. 💅 & is there anything you want to get off your chest that's been bothering you?

I love shy girls, idk why.. it like attracts me to them. 

Haitians r poppin, my friend is haitian… i think lol

Froot loops r the bom digity

The show awkward def should have me on their cause i’m awkward af

Crazy girls ion like

Nails…. idk? lol

And hmm, I try not to let shit bother me anymore.

6 hours ago
Anonymous: Wait are you the boy that's gay and has a bf that they both look alike maybe I'm wrong

You mistaken me for Ronene aka tyler aka readmyshiet.

7 hours ago
Anonymous: IG ?

@ohyeahitseli go follow me, ill follow the next 5!!!

7 hours ago
Anonymous: Do you date black girls ?

Skin color never was a problem to me, so to answer ur question, yes I would date a black girl.

7 hours ago