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Dare You To Be Different.
Anonymous: I'd suck your toes. I'm a girl.

Lmfao wtf?

4 hours ago
Anonymous: Is it bad that I won't have time/place to fuck my bf before college? We go to different schools and I really don't want him or myself to go unfucked 😩

Hes not gonna like that but heyyyy lol

4 hours ago
Good ol FIJI 💦
Anonymous: If I met you in real life I'd try to be bae

Lol aw really?

11 hours ago
shortymac22: If Met You In Real Life I Would Honestly Just Want To Hang With You And You Could Show Me Around Your City And We Could Get To Know About One Another And Possibly Be Friends.

Ayyyye sounds poppin!

12 hours ago
otayyyyy: if i met you in real life id ask for a selfie

I’d take so many selfiez tbh.

12 hours ago
'If I met you in real life…' Finish it in my ask.




omg pls do it

Last time I try this.

do this


(Source: ymas-is-adtr)

12 hours ago
High as hell couldnt even keep my eyes open. But my nigga my nigga ohyoumadd is back home for good!!!